How to know who viewed your Facebook profile

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facebookSo, you want to know who viewed your Facebook profile? You want to know who has been secretly peeping your profile? You want to know who are the people viewing you? Very well… let’s provide a solution for that, but before anything else, I’m sure you guys have already encountered Facebook apps that promise to allow you to know who viewed your profile. However, let me warn you that most of these apps are baloney. Most of them are either there to spam you or steal your identity. You may wonder how? Remember that most of these apps require permission to post on your wall or acquire your profile information before they can be installed. If you allow them these permissions, then they can take advantage of these privileges. And while not all of these apps are scam, Facebook has a strict privacy policy that prohibits developers to build apps that allow users to view those who viewed them. Why? Privacy issues! Ever since they got into a law suit involving privacy matters, they made moves to ensure that users’ privacy are protected. However, that includes protecting stalkers and peeping toms’ privacy also. Now technically speaking, any app that breaches Facebook’s privacy policy is in for a ban and it usually doesn’t take too long for that to happen. But of course, sometimes, there are developers who are brave enough to challenge Facebook, thus you can expect to find one of their know-your-visitors app and take advantage of it until Facebook finds it out and decides to make it go poof. Don’t worry, Facebook can’t ban you for using such application since you belong to the ones they are suppose to protect. This will allow you to enjoy the app while it lasts.

The Hack

Most programmers know that there is no such thing as a foolproof program and that is true, even big websites like Facebook is defenseless against really determined hackers. The key to hack Facebook lies on how well you understand how their program works, and while theirs is one of the most complicated and difficult to crack, I still manage to find a hack without having to develop my own hacking tool. Remember that if developers could make an app that allows you to know who viewed your Facebook profile and without having to hack Facebook, it means that the information is just there on the website’s page itself. It’s right there in your Facebook home page. You may wonder then how come you can’t see it? Of course, you can’t! That’s because what you see on your browser is an already processed set of instructions. The information lies at the back of that illusion you call a web page. Behind that page is a series of commands that tell your browser what to do and what to show.

I’m going to do a step-by-step procedure on how to unravel the codes but before that, you need to download and install Google Chrome on your computer. You can find the link here.

Step 1

Install Google Chrome on your computer. Agree to its TOS (Terms of Service) and have it installed. It’ll download some additional components so expect the installation to take a while. For how long, it depends on the speed of your Internet connection.

Step 2

Next, open Google Chrome and using the Google web browser, go to Facebook.com. See picture below to see how Google Chrome looks like.


Login to your account to get into your Facebook home page. The home page looks like the one below:


Step 3

Right-click on the page and choose the option View Page Source.


Step 4

Once the source has been opened, you’ll see a series of instructions use by the browser. This is the HTML or the HyperText Markup Language. This is a High-level Language use by browsers to generate the optical page. The reason why we use Google Chrome is because of its ability to view everything in the HTML, including the content of javascripts. By the way, Javascripts are also made of instructions that enable the page to perform additional browser commands not normally possible in HTML. This is how it looks like in the Google Chrome point of view:


Now, press CTRL+F on your keyboard to open the “Find” tool.

Step 5

On the search box, search for the word “Friendslist”. See picture below:


This will lead you to the javascript that stores the information on who viewed your Facebook profile. Typically, they are in order from Most Active to Less Active ones. See picture below.


Step 6

After the code {“list”:[, you may have notice numbers instead of names. These numbers are actually the Facebook id of users. Now, to see who has viewed you, copy and paste the id number (with the exception of the dash and the number following it, and the double apostrophes) next to http://facebook.com/. For example, if you have “100003598243811-2″, it should be entered without the -2 and the “. See the picture below:


Now, hit Enter and it will lead you straight into that user’s profile page. This allows you to identify who your viewer is.

Closing Remarks

This hack is currently working and may continue to work until Facebook decides to patch their current system. Of course, there are other methods to know who viewed your Facebook profile, in fact, this is just one of the manual methods of doing so. I’ve heard of other apps that do the same thing and likewise do not break Facebook’s privacy policy but I’m afraid I will have to discuss it another time. Until then, enjoy the hack.

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