Candy Crush Saga Cheats: Life and World Cheat

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OK, this is just an update on Candy Crush Saga cheats, which was an article I wrote a few days ago. While the last one explains how to do the cheats, this one will serve as the layman’s version.

How to get unlimited lives

The video below will demonstrate the step-by-step process of getting unlimited lives in Candy Crush Saga. Note that in the video below, I only have 2 lives left, but after clearing Candy Crush Saga’s data on my phone, I get all 5 lives back. A warning though, never do this hack if you don’t have a Facebook account to login. Deleting your app’s data will permanently erase all of your progress, and without Facebook to connect you to Candy Crush Saga’s online database, there is no way for you to retrieve your data back.

How to escape a world without getting tickets

The video below demonstrates how to move on to the next world without purchasing or requesting a ticket from a friend. As demonstrated in the video, just logoff from Facebook by clicking on the lower left button on the main page then choosing FB Logout. This will reveal the Mystery Quests. After completing a Mystery Quest, the next step is to set the phone’s clock to advance for 24 hrs. This will instantly enable the next Mystery Quest while restoring all of your 5 lives. Complete the next mystery quest challenged then repeat the process until you get all three mystery quest items. Once you have successfully moved to the next level, login to Facebook again to save your progress. Once your progress is saved, you can set your clock back to normal and delete Candy Crush Saga’s data.

So, now that you have the Candy Crush Saga cheats explained, perhaps it’s time to beat that game. Unfortunately, while these Candy Crush Saga cheats could help you save time beating the game, it won’t help you from solving the puzzle. If you suck on this puzzle game, chances are, you’ll still get stuck in a level. Anyway, what’s the game for if you cheat everything?

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