Candy Crush Saga Cheats: Life and World Cheat

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OK, this is just an update on Candy Crush Saga cheats, which was an article I wrote a few days ago. While the last one explains how to do the cheats, this one will serve as the layman’s version.

How to get unlimited lives

The video below will demonstrate the step-by-step process of getting unlimited lives in Candy Crush Saga. Note that in the video below, I only have 2 lives left, but after clearing Candy Crush Saga’s data on my phone, I get all 5 lives back. A warning though, never do this hack if you don’t have a Facebook account to login. Deleting your app’s data will permanently erase all of your progress, and without Facebook to connect you to Candy Crush Saga’s online database, there is no way for you to retrieve your data back.

How to escape a world without getting tickets

The video below demonstrates how to move on to the next world without purchasing or requesting a ticket from a friend. As demonstrated in the video, just logoff from Facebook by clicking on the lower left button on the main page then choosing FB Logout. This will reveal the Mystery Quests. After completing a Mystery Quest, the next step is to set the phone’s clock to advance for 24 hrs. This will instantly enable the next Mystery Quest while restoring all of your 5 lives. Complete the next mystery quest challenged then repeat the process until you get all three mystery quest items. Once you have successfully moved to the next level, login to Facebook again to save your progress. Once your progress is saved, you can set your clock back to normal and delete Candy Crush Saga’s data.

So, now that you have the Candy Crush Saga cheats explained, perhaps it’s time to beat that game. Unfortunately, while these Candy Crush Saga cheats could help you save time beating the game, it won’t help you from solving the puzzle. If you suck on this puzzle game, chances are, you’ll still get stuck in a level. Anyway, what’s the game for if you cheat everything?

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Candy Crush Saga Cheats

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candy crush saga cheatsIs there any Candy Crush Saga Cheats? Perhaps that’s one of the questions you would hear from gamers who are desperate at beating the game but somehow got stuck on a level and are unable to progress further. Anyway, what is Candy Crush Saga? For those who do not know what this game is, Candy Crush Saga is a puzzle game developed by King and was released on April 12, 2012 for Facebook. It was release on Smartphones last November 14, 2012 and by March 2013, it became one of the most popular games with an average of 46 million average monthly users. By the way, Candy Crush Saga is a variation of the browser game, Candy Crush.

Candy Crush Saga is not really a new puzzle game, this type of puzzle game has already been seen in the likes of Bejeweled, the only difference perhaps is that in Bejeweled, they use Jewels while in Candy Crush, they use Candies. In this game, you play with different game boards filled with different candies. You are allowed to move a candy horizontally or vertically swapping the positions of two adjacent candies. If you successfully manage to create sets of three or more candies of the same type, you eliminate those candies and you score. Eliminating a set of more than three candies will grant you a powerup, this will help you bust more candies and clear some obstacles. Each level of the game has a game board that has its own obstacle to deal with. If you manage to meet the goal of a level, you win and you progress to a higher level. There is a map where you can see which level you are already. In addition, the map is divided into worlds and there is a brief story in every world.

Sticky Situation

The game is true to its namesake. With that much of sweet, you sometimes get into a sticky situation. In the game, you have a maximum of 5 lives to beat the puzzle. If you are unable to meet the goal of a level, you lose a life. Some levels are easy peasy but there are levels that’ll drain your lives faster than you can clear it. Each heart or life replenishes every 30 minutes, until then, you’re stuck unless you spent some real money to recharge it instantly. There is also a part in the game where you are required to ask help from Facebook friends in order to move forward into another world. Without a kind friend to help you out. You’ll be stuck forever.

Candy Crush Saga Cheats

Candy Crush Saga Cheats are really not that hard to find. In this post, I’ll discuss on ways on how to cheat the game in your smartphones. I’ll use the Android phone as an example, but this might also work on the Apple iPhone. Note that these Candy Crush Saga cheats may work for the time being, but not until King discovers it and patches the game.

How to have unlimited lives

If you keep on running out of lives in Candy Crush Saga, there is a Candy Crush hack you could do to replenish it immediately without having to buy hearts. Note that the Candy Crush Saga app is relying on your phones clock, so adjusting your phone’s clock, setting it to 30 mins advance will immediately recover you 1 life. Advancing it by 2 hours and 30 minutes will earn you all 5 lives. Actually, this is the Candy Crush cheat you’ll most likely find in the Internet, but there is a drawback to this cheat. Once you use this cheat and set your clock back to the proper time, the app will compensate for the advance and will charge you those hours you advance. For example, you advance by 5 hours. When you run out of lives and you set your phone’s clock back to normal, the game will require you to wait for 5 hours before you can gain another life. The only way to prevent this is to keep the current time and keep on advancing it for more lives. This will eventually stack and ruin your phone’s time settings, confusing you of the actual time and of the time when texts and calls were receive. The only solution left would be to uninstall the app and reinstall it again, but there is yet a problem to this. If you didn’t use your Facebook to login into the game, then all your progress in the game are screwed.

To prevent the problems mentioned above, I reanalyzed the hack and develop my own solution. My solution works like this. When you play Candy Crush Saga, you should log it into your Facebook account. This way, all your progress will be saved into King’s database server. Now, to immediately gain 5 lives, you no longer need to screw your clock settings, instead, go to Settings -> Apps and find Candy Crush Saga on the list, select it. On the storage tab, press “Clear Data”. Now, go back to Candy Crush Saga and login with your FB account. You will be back in the last level you left with 5 lives intact. If you’re wondering how did this happen, it works like this… the moment you clear your app’s data, your progress saved in the phone were all erase and the app has no way to track your progress anymore… but by logging it into Facebook, your app will draw from King’s database and save your progress back into your phone. That’s why you were able to resume.

How to advance World without asking FB Friends

Another problem you will most likely encounter while playing the game will be regarding a certain part of the world map where you need to request help from your FB friends or pay up in order to get a ticket and progress. This starts after completing Level 35 and appears again after completing advance worlds. If you play the game with your Facebook account, this obstacle is more likely going to happen without an alternative, but if you didn’t, an option called “Mystery Quests” would be available. Now, this is not an obstacle at all if you have generous friends playing the game ready to help you, but if you have no Candy Crush Saga-playing friends or if you have good for nothing friends, then chances are… you’ll be stuck for good unless you pay up. One solution to this would be to logout from your Facebook account to play the game, by then the Mystery Quests option would be available. Unfortunately, you have to complete not just one or two mystery quests to move forward, and each mystery quest has a cooldown of 24hrs. or equivalent to 1 day, therefore, you will have to wait for a day to play the next mystery quest and this will take you days.

Well, in my case, I am proud to say that most of my FB friends are not very helpful. Because of this, I had to develop my own way to get around the obstacle without any help from anyone on Facebook. What did I do? I log out from FB in playing the game, then I started choosing the Mystery Quest option, and since there is a 24hrs. cool down, I had to change the clock and advance it by a day. By the way, you can’t use the clear data technique on this one since that technique relies on Facebook. If you log in into Facebook, the mystery quest option will disappear. Now, after clearing all the mystery quests, you have to login to Facebook again to save your data on King’s database, then, work on setting your clock back to default. After this, clear your app’s data so that you will not have to wait for days for your life to go back. Your progress should save and you will be able to resume on the level where you left off.

Closing Remarks

candy crush sagaSo far these are the Candy Crush Saga cheats I could find, well, not that there are no more Candy Crush Saga cheats out there, but these Candy Crush Saga cheats I mentioned are already enough to beat the game. OK, there are said to be Candy Crush Saga cheats out there that uses a hack tool, making the cheating easier and does not require you to tweak your phone’s settings anymore. While it may sound promising, I could not guarantee that those Candy Crush Saga cheats or should I say trainers would work. Needless to say, there’s a chance that instead of getting Candy Crush Saga cheats from these tools, you might get a virus instead and that would really be fun. If I were you guys, I should refrain from using these hacking tools.

So that’s it! If I can find more Candy Crush Saga cheats, I would surely add it on this site. If you guys also have your own Candy Crush Saga cheats to share, don’t hesitate to comment it here. Until then…

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Free Tethering using a Smartphone

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free tetheringThere is a way to get free tethering using a smartphone. By the way, what is a tethering? If you’re new to the word, tethering refers to connecting one device’s internet access to another (ie. Smartphone to Tablet, Tablet to Smartphone, Smartphone to PC or Laptop or vice versa). Connection of the phone or tablet with other devices can be done over wireless LAN (Local Area Network) or Wi-Fi, over Bluetooth, or by physical connection using a cable such as the USB (Universal Serial Bus) cable. If tethering is done over Wi-Fi, the feature is called a Mobile Hotspot. Using the above connection methods could enable an Internet-connected mobile device to act as a portable wireless access point and router for devices connected to it.

In this tutorial, I’m gonna explain how to connect other devices to your phone, but I will be focusing on connecting a laptop or PC. I will also be using the Android mobile operating system and the T-mobile network in this example.

A lot of mobile phones are already equipped with software that offer tethered Internet access. In Android, it starts with version 2.2 while in iOS, it began in version 3.0. This can usually be enabled in the phone’s Settings. In Android, it can be found under Settings -> Wireless & Networks -> More… -> USB tethering & Mobile HotSpot. All you have to do is check on the USB tethering or Mobile HotSpot boxes. It’s understandable that USB tethering means that you’re using a USB cable to attach the phone and the Laptop or PC while Mobile HotSpot is done via Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) or otherwise known as WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network). Easy enough right? But what if your phone’s plan doesn’t include an Internet access or Tethering and Mobile Hotspot features? Well, chances are, you won’t be able to connect at all and you may have to enroll to their tethering or mobile hotspot plans in order for the features to work.

Now, let’s assume, your plan includes unlimited Internet access but without tethering/mobile hotspot features. I’ll use T-mobile as an example. I use a GoPhone or Pay as you go or a no contract phone and I pay only $30 with the plan that includes 100 minutes of air time, and unlimited text and web. The good thing about this plan is that it’s cheap and it has unlimited web data. The problem is that it has no tethering and mobile hotspot support. What happens is that when you go to the settings to activate the tethering and mobile hotspot features, it gives you a warning that let’s you know you don’t have those features and that you may need to register to their website. What happened here is that while your mobile OS have the tethering and mobile hotspot options, the network provider programmed the OS to prevent tethering and mobile hotspot features to work unless its registered. And… registering costs $15 at least.

OK, now I’m not trying to teach anyone to steal here, but I would just like to let everyone know that the little “modification” they did to the OS can be hacked. Actually, in T-mobile’s case, they already knew about it, which is why they keep on patching up the OS from time to time and force you to install… er, nope they can’t do that actually, but what they’ll do is that they’ll keep asking you if you want to upgrade your OS until you have no choice but to agree or else get tortured by the pop-up message. Hacking the OS will disable those tethering/mobile hotspot checks but with their patch, those hacks you did will get run over and ta-da, you have to hack it all over again. Hacking takes time as you have to decode the program first, but there is an easy way around, and up until now, T-mobile was unable to solve it. At least for now…

Free Tethering Apps

The easy way is no other than using apps, in this case, you may need to have a Tethering app that grants you free tethering. An app that could bypass the Tethering/Mobile HotSpot checks your network provider put on your smartphone and at the same time cloak you from their radar. There are actually a lot of tethering apps that offer this feature, but in this tutorial, I’ll focus on PDANet+.

Now, what is PDANet+? Well, let’s just put it this way. While hacking is an attempt of jailbreaking your smartphone’s OS, PDANet+ does the jailbreaking for you. PDANet+ enables you to share the Internet access of your Android phone with your computer or tablet, and it actually works even without rooting. Oh, by the way, I forgot to tell you guys that rooting is actually one way of getting free tethering. Going back to PDANet+, it bypasses the Tethering/Mobile HotSpot checks and it works stealthily by mimicking what your phone normally does when it accesses the Internet without the tethering. This camouflages you from your network provider’s scope. But don’t take my word for it as network providers will always try to improve their detection methods.

PDANet+ now comes bundled with PdaNet (the original) and FoxFi, giving you support for WiFi Hotspot in addition to USB Tether and Bluetooth DUN (Dial-up Networking). You can download it on their website at http://pdanet.co/. You may also download it via Google Play store. The only problem with this app is that it is only shareware, meaning, you are free to use it for evaluation purposes only. After using it for awhile, it disconnects and you may have to reconnect again. However, if you buy the full version of this software, the auto-disconnecting feature goes away. The license use to cost around $14.94 but now, they are selling it for $7.95 for a limited time.

The Steps

Now without further delay, I’ll begin with the steps on how to share phone internet with your PC or laptop. I’m assuming your phone has internet access and I’m assuming it’s unlimited, otherwise, you’ll run out of data just before you know it.

1. Connect the USB cable to your smartphone. Each smartphone has its own kind of USB cable, just make sure that one end of the cable fits the socket of your phone. This is usually via the same socket where you put the cable to charge your phone. Some smartphones already come with a USB cable, if you’re wondering where it is, chances are, it may have been attached to your charger. Just remove the USB cable from your charger. If it’s not removable, I’m not telling you to cut the wire, instead you may need to buy a cable that’s compatible with your phone and your PC. By the way, the USB cable has one end that always look like this:

Type A USB Connector

2. Connect the other end of the cable to your laptop or computer device. The end that should connect to your computer device looks like the picture above. ^

3. On your phone, go to Google Play and search for PDANet+. Install the App on your phone. Note that some network providers (ie. Sprint and AT&T) delisted the app on Google Play so you’ll have to pay for their tethering plan. If you can’t find it, go to this link: http://pdanet.co/bin, download the apk file and manually install it by opening the PDANet+ apk file on your phone’s download folder.

4. Next, on your PC, go to http://pdanet.co/a/ and download the PDANet+ Desktop Client. Install it on your computer.

5. Open the PDANet+ app on your phone. The logo looks like the picture below:


6. On the Smartphone’s PDANet+ client, check Activate USB Tether.

7. Finally, open the PDANet+ Desktop client on your computer. It should display a smartphone icon on the lower right corner of the desktop, near the clock and date. Left click it to open an option menu then select Connect Internet (USB).


8. Now, open your web browser and try to surf the web. Note that in T-mobile, they seem to have already patch the mobile OS enough to block most sites, but some sites like Facebook and Google seem to work fine.

Closing Remarks

And that is how you use your phone to connect your PC to the Internet. Free tethering, however, while it’s cool that it saves you a few bucks, has its disadvantages. First of all, free tethering is usually not allowed by network providers, one reason is that laptops and PCs usually cost them more bandwidth and bandwidth is not free. So, if you get caught free tethering, there’s good chance you can get banned or deactivated. To prevent it from happening, you have two options, either pay for their tethering services or minimize your free tethering data consumption. For example, in the $30 plan I have, I have 4G internet access for up to 2 GB (Gigabytes) data transfer, it switches to 2G once I go over the 4G quota. It is best to keep the data consumption below 2 GB. Otherwise, they’ll start suspecting that something else is consuming your phone’s data other than the phone itself. It is also prudent that you don’t use your phone and laptop browse the internet both at the same time.

Now, I don’t know about other network providers, but in T-mobile, I was able to use free tethering for the first month without them blocking some sites. However, this cause my web data consumption to shoot up, passing the 2 Gig data mark. Right after this, I get an OS upgrade request and when I updated, I could no longer access some sites as it redirects me to the T-mobile tethering service plan page. By the way, I wasn’t using PDANet+ back then, I was using FoxFi shareware version. With the OS patch, Mobile HotSpot services provided by FoxFi was still operable but with it, I couldn’t access any sites at all. But, with PDANet+’s USB Tethering method, Facebook and Google, along with Gmail sites seem to keep on working.

The second disadvantage with free tethering is that it’s sometimes slow. PDANet+ as mentioned earlier does something to prevent detection, it does this by limiting packet requests to match the phone’s standard methods. But I don’t need to tell you guys that phones are different from Laptop and PCs.

Finally, there are a lot of things that we need to discuss with PDANet+ and you may encounter other problems not mentioned here. In that case, you can get help from their website from the link here: http://pdanet.co/help/.

Well, that’s it in a nutshell. If you have questions, feel free to comment.

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Accessing the Internal Memory of an Android Phone after Rooting

by on Jul.22, 2013, under Solutions

Android_PhonesToday’s topic is about accessing the Internal Memory of an Android Phone. I have encountered a question asking how to access the Internal Memory of an Android Phone after rooting and I am happy to answer it. But first things first… what is an Android phone? For those who are still living in the stone age, an Android phone is a smartphone that is built on an Android mobile operating system. Android by the way is now a product of Google Inc. Now, let’s discuss…

Access to the Android Phone Internal Memory is prohibited by the Android operating system by default. This is due to the fact that this is the storage area reserve for apps and app data. Without this storage area, Android won’t be able to install new apps or make apps work. It is some kind of a virtual memory that is used by Android to access and process data. Now, you may wonder why there are some Android Phones that permit access to this critical area while there are those that don’t. Well, that’s because there are smartphone devices that doesn’t come with an external card that they had to partition the Internal Memory to allow access to some parts of it to be used for storing files. This is despite the possibility that partitioned memory may compromise system access time and may result to longer than normal loading time.

With that said, I suppose it should stop you from accessing the Internal Memory of your Android Phone, but if you insist, then I may have some few tricks for you to try.

Accessing the Internal Memory of an Android Phone

There are numerous ways of accessing the Internal Memory of an Android Phone. One of the ways to access internal memory of an Android Phone is by the use of the software (app) ADB or adb. Now, I’m talking in Chinese! What is adb by the way? In English, ADB or adb stands for Android Debug Bridge. It is a versatile tool that lets you manage the state of an emulator instance or Android-powered device (that includes devices such as smartphones and tablets). It is part of the Android SDK, another Chinese word! SDK is an acronym for Software Development Kit (also known as devkit). It is typically a set of software development tools that allows you to create applications for different development platforms. Meaning to say, ADB is already somewhat in the programmers level. To get adb, you can search for it here. For windows, you may need a device specific driver to get ADB working. If you cannot find one for your device, you might want to search for a Universal ADB driver (click here). Now I wish I could further discuss adb, but it would be too broad for this topic. So, I may have to reserve it for another time.

If adb is too much for you, you can look for adb apps with graphical front ends. An example would be QtADB. It makes it easy for you to access your Android’s internal memory storage since it has a graphic user interace (GUI). Access from the command line is also possible.

Another way is to install an SSH server on your device. With it, you can access the Internal Memory using either an SSH command line client, or with a graphical version of it such as WinSCP.

How much of your internal storage you can access depends on whether your Android device is rooted. If not rooted, only portions of the internal storage can be accessed.

There are just too many apps for me to list it all here, but another example would be Root # All DataS2D card and Froyo 2.2 App2SD. These tools allow you to move the application’s private data to SD (Secure Digital). Root # All DataS2D has an added feature, where it can create embedded EXT2 partition on your SD card automatically before mounting it.

Closing Remarks

Before you use any of the apps I listed, it would always be a good idea to backup your data just in case something blows up. It is also worth noting that most of these apps can be found on app stores such as Google Play. To get them, open Google Play app store with your Android smartphone and search for the app. From there, you can install the app straight to your phone. But of course, there are other more sources where you could get them, and you can always find these sites by Google-ing it! By the way, app stores may require you to use smartphones to download and install smartphone apps. You can’t run these apps on your PC or laptop since it stands on a different operating system (OS). They may not work unless they are designed for your PC’s OS.

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How to know who viewed your Facebook profile

by on Jul.18, 2013, under Hacks

facebookSo, you want to know who viewed your Facebook profile? You want to know who has been secretly peeping your profile? You want to know who are the people viewing you? Very well… let’s provide a solution for that, but before anything else, I’m sure you guys have already encountered Facebook apps that promise to allow you to know who viewed your profile. However, let me warn you that most of these apps are baloney. Most of them are either there to spam you or steal your identity. You may wonder how? Remember that most of these apps require permission to post on your wall or acquire your profile information before they can be installed. If you allow them these permissions, then they can take advantage of these privileges. And while not all of these apps are scam, Facebook has a strict privacy policy that prohibits developers to build apps that allow users to view those who viewed them. Why? Privacy issues! Ever since they got into a law suit involving privacy matters, they made moves to ensure that users’ privacy are protected. However, that includes protecting stalkers and peeping toms’ privacy also. Now technically speaking, any app that breaches Facebook’s privacy policy is in for a ban and it usually doesn’t take too long for that to happen. But of course, sometimes, there are developers who are brave enough to challenge Facebook, thus you can expect to find one of their know-your-visitors app and take advantage of it until Facebook finds it out and decides to make it go poof. Don’t worry, Facebook can’t ban you for using such application since you belong to the ones they are suppose to protect. This will allow you to enjoy the app while it lasts.

The Hack

Most programmers know that there is no such thing as a foolproof program and that is true, even big websites like Facebook is defenseless against really determined hackers. The key to hack Facebook lies on how well you understand how their program works, and while theirs is one of the most complicated and difficult to crack, I still manage to find a hack without having to develop my own hacking tool. Remember that if developers could make an app that allows you to know who viewed your Facebook profile and without having to hack Facebook, it means that the information is just there on the website’s page itself. It’s right there in your Facebook home page. You may wonder then how come you can’t see it? Of course, you can’t! That’s because what you see on your browser is an already processed set of instructions. The information lies at the back of that illusion you call a web page. Behind that page is a series of commands that tell your browser what to do and what to show.

I’m going to do a step-by-step procedure on how to unravel the codes but before that, you need to download and install Google Chrome on your computer. You can find the link here.

Step 1

Install Google Chrome on your computer. Agree to its TOS (Terms of Service) and have it installed. It’ll download some additional components so expect the installation to take a while. For how long, it depends on the speed of your Internet connection.

Step 2

Next, open Google Chrome and using the Google web browser, go to Facebook.com. See picture below to see how Google Chrome looks like.


Login to your account to get into your Facebook home page. The home page looks like the one below:


Step 3

Right-click on the page and choose the option View Page Source.


Step 4

Once the source has been opened, you’ll see a series of instructions use by the browser. This is the HTML or the HyperText Markup Language. This is a High-level Language use by browsers to generate the optical page. The reason why we use Google Chrome is because of its ability to view everything in the HTML, including the content of javascripts. By the way, Javascripts are also made of instructions that enable the page to perform additional browser commands not normally possible in HTML. This is how it looks like in the Google Chrome point of view:


Now, press CTRL+F on your keyboard to open the “Find” tool.

Step 5

On the search box, search for the word “Friendslist”. See picture below:


This will lead you to the javascript that stores the information on who viewed your Facebook profile. Typically, they are in order from Most Active to Less Active ones. See picture below.


Step 6

After the code {“list”:[, you may have notice numbers instead of names. These numbers are actually the Facebook id of users. Now, to see who has viewed you, copy and paste the id number (with the exception of the dash and the number following it, and the double apostrophes) next to http://facebook.com/. For example, if you have “100003598243811-2″, it should be entered without the -2 and the “. See the picture below:


Now, hit Enter and it will lead you straight into that user’s profile page. This allows you to identify who your viewer is.

Closing Remarks

This hack is currently working and may continue to work until Facebook decides to patch their current system. Of course, there are other methods to know who viewed your Facebook profile, in fact, this is just one of the manual methods of doing so. I’ve heard of other apps that do the same thing and likewise do not break Facebook’s privacy policy but I’m afraid I will have to discuss it another time. Until then, enjoy the hack.

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